Five Top Tips for a Fabulous Wedding Photo Booth Experience

When planning for that special day, you tend to receive different proposals on how to organize and set the venue, right from the reception to place where food will be served. If you haven’t considered including a photo booth in your wedding reception, it’s time you made a few changes to ensure it is part of the special event. A photo booth is one of those items that will help loosen up everyone attending the wedding. While they’ll be involved in a couple of activities, it’s important that you provide them with a place where they can take a break and have fun. Here are some tips that can help you choose and plan your photo booth hire.

Start by deciding the type of photo booth you want for your event

If you want to have an exciting wedding photo booth experience, you must determine what type of booth you want based on your individual needs. Understand that this will come in the planning stage. You’ll need to decide the type of booth structure you want. You might consider just having a photographer and a fun backdrop. However, it’s recommended to hire an actual booth where your visitors can enter and have a couple of pictures taken. Take time and review the available options before choosing the one that best fits your needs.

Consider Matching the Style with your Wedding

As mentioned, your choice should be influenced and determined by your needs. One of the things to consider is the style of your wedding. Is it an outdoor wedding celebration? Are you planning to have an indoor celebration? What’s the theme for your event? Whatever theme and venue you intend to use for your wedding, be sure to match the style of your photo booth with it.

Can the Photo booth be completely Self-Contained? Does it have any Special Features?

It’s recommended to rent or hire a self-contained photo booth for your wedding since it provides an organized and neat appearance and takes lesser space. You may also consider using a fully-enclosed photo booth. Renting such a photo booth will save you a lot of space. If possible, get a photo booth that comes with special features such as large screens to entertain guests while waiting in line. Your goal should be to ensure your wedding photo booth experience is exciting and more spectacular.

Other Concerns

It’s important that you take a look inside the photo booth you want to rent before the special day. This will allow you to get a feel and know how everything is going to work out. Another thing to ask is how you and your guests will get the photos taken after the event. Is it possible to have them as soon as the event is over? How will the photographer print the photos? Can you or the guests see them before they are printed? These are important questions to ask. Don’t forget to ask about the time the photoo booth will be available. Also, find out how much you may need to pay for the extra time the photo booth may have to stay around.